In manual working system appointment scheduling and maintaining the patient record was complicated tasks. Clinics have to face many problems regarding maintenance. E-clinic management software in Greece provides help to overcome these issues. It manages all the activities of clinics. E-clinic management software in Greece changes the way of working. It contains prescriptions, patient records, billing, and diagnostic reports. It maintains the accounting system, appointment scheduling, stock of medicines.

  • Easy user interface
  • Independent modules are available that can be used according to the need
  • Data can be accessed anywhere and anytime easily
  • Improved the Quality of healthcare services
  • Reduced cost and chances of errors

Lab management software in Greece contains various features. It online system makes the searching easy. Patient’s record can search with unique ID, patient’s name, patient telephone number or with date. Patients test reports assign with unique sample code which is automatically generated by software. Doctors and patients can easily view the test reports online through anywhere, at any time from any device or browser.

  • Searching on the basis of unique patient ID, Record ID, name and others between the two dates.
  • Information gathering about date of visit and referred doctor name.
  • Auto generation of sample numbers for the subsequent samples.
  • Stickers printing with bar codes for the sample identification.
  • Modified way to handle the sensitivity and culture.
  • Comprehensive inventory management.
  • Test reports and receipt generation for printing.

Doctors can easily prescribe test online then laboratory generate the request. After making the test report lab management software in Greece automatically update the reports in patient portfolio. Cloudpital Hospital EMR software in Greece saves the test reports in patient portfolio. Doctors view these records and prescribe medicine to the patient according to the current history. It is standalone, easy to implement software which provides high standard of security with latest features.