Before the integration IT infrastructure Patient record was manually stored on paper at different locations. The pile of files of patient records and history became more complex to manage. It was difficult to keep record of patients test report data, prescriptions data, doctor details, admit details separately for each patient. In the modern era of technology ways of storing data electronically are changed. With the Implementation of EMR Software in Cyprus enhanced the accuracy and management of patient record. It is centralized and secured system to organize patient details.

Electronic Medical Record are now integrated with E-Clinic and Lab management Software. EMR software used to organize a vast set of all data related to Patients, Doctors, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Accounts, administration, etc.


EMR and E-Clinic Management Software in Cyprus is fully functional software system that re-structure and manage your crucial information. It covers number of essential functions such as:

  • Diagnostic of patients
  • Medical billing management
  • Records in electronic form
  • Doctor and patient portals
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Treatment and prescription record
  • Monitoring of medicine effects and patient conditions
  • Cloud Community of doctors
  • Registration and admission of patients
  • E-clinic and online management of patients
  • Lab Management


The software is complete set of customizable solutions and integrated tools. It provides useful benefits such as:

  • Accurate information

The automated system improves the accuracy of information. It is fully automated that helps to generate medical reports and results on time.

  • Enhance quality

The quality of healthcare services increases due to accurate and fast results. Efficient and automated workflow improves patient care.

  • Patient care Management

Patient care is most essential part of healthcare services. It gives a complete portal for doctors and patients for treatment discussion and better collaboration. It enables them to follow medication and can monitor condition of patients.

  • Doctors community

It provides cloud community for doctors can connect and discuss diseases or treatments on time with easy access.

  • Better Diagnostic results

The accuracy is most important for patient diagnostic. It collects all necessary information and automatically generates electronic records.