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Hospital EMR software in Tunisia are becoming common but still experiencing a number of roadblocks. The benefits of electronic medical records, however, outweigh their disadvantages and it will be inevitable in the future that all practicing physicians have an electronic medical record for their patients. Here are pros and cons of EMR software’s:


·         Reduced Medical Errors

By digitizing patient records, physicians, nurses, and other care providers can freely access information. Nurses and doctors do not need to track down folders or worry about losing notes. Everything is documented in the Electronic Medical Records software.

·         Decrease Repetition

A big reason for why patients pay for repeat procedures is because health care providers do not communicate information between different locations. E-clinic management software in Tunisia help to reduce this repetition and save time and cost for patients.

·         Lowers the Cost

A decrease in repeat procedures decrease the cost of healthcare overall. Insurance companies aren’t burdened with a slew of unneeded costs and thus the price of premiums go down.


·         Existing EMR software’s are Expensive

With the less expensive software solutions, you run the risk of unsecure information being passed. Lastly, doctor’s pas a lot of these startup fees to patients because these EMR systems are incredibly expensive.

·         Doctors Aren’t Incentivized To Use

Many doctors simply don’t feel the need to convert to digitize patient records. Switching over also means that the practice must experience significant downtime that reduces the doctors’ ability to see patients.

·         Physician prefer old techniques

The fact is most physicians are slow adopters of technology. And they don’t want to use EMR software’s.

EMRs are now unavoidable. They are coming and coming fast. EMRs and lab management software in Tunisia represent an amazing benefit to patients who care enough to take their healthcare into their own hands.

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