Why your Cardiology Practice Needs an EHR

Having an EHR software employed at your cardiology practice is mandated by law these days. However, just because something is law does not mean you should opt for an option which will merely keep you out of legal trouble. We suggest you opt for a software that enables you to manage your practice much more safely. In this piece, we will be telling you about a variety of EHR software that will help you to not only fulfil your legal obligations of owning a software but also help you manage your practice seamlessly.

In this piece, we will tell you about various EHR software which are popular choices by cardiologists; from PrognoCIS EMR to NueMD EHR. Keep reading if you want to know more about these software and what they can do for you.

Top 5 EHR for Cardiology

Athena EHR

The first software in our list happens to be Athena EHR. This software has a really great appointment feature which helps you make your schedule seamlessly. This software allows you to schedule as many appointments during a day as possible. This means you can optimize your daily schedule to a point where you are able to maximize the number of patients coming in per day. This feature also helps you grow your practice as it enables you to see more patients per day than you were able to before. This means you are essentially increasing revenue as every day you are seeing patients you otherwise might not have. This helps you make things a lot easier and more lucrative for yourself as a medical practice!


NueMD is the second software on our list for top cardiology EMR options. This software also has a number of wonderful features which make it a user favorite. The feature we want to highlight is that the software helps you streamline all your patient data very easily. This is because the software lets you organize your patient data, medical records, patient history and more all in the same place. All in all, this feature is brilliant in how it helps you take care of things.

The software is great in terms of keeping on top of all your billing needs. It looks at your current bills which are due and sends reminders to patients as well to reimburse you. This feature essentially enables you to increase your revenue as you are able to increase the number of bills collected!

DrChrono EMR

DrChrono is yet another wonderful EHR software that is ideal for a cardiology practice for a variety of reasons. The software has a great communication feature which lets you talk to your patients or staff rather seamlessly. The software has an encrypted and safe messaging feature which lets you talk to your patients rather easily.

The software also has a great ROI feature which lets you know how you are doing financially in terms of the amount of money which is coming into your practice. All of these features in this software not only help you save money but also enable you to make more!

eClinicalWorks EHR

The fourth software in our list happens to be eClinicalWorks EHR. This software helps you get access to a patient portal feature that reduces the amount of work you would otherwise have had at your practice significantly. This feature allows your patients to log in to a software as they please and manage their treatment with you. Patients will be able to schedule their own appointments, look at upcoming appointments and much more. All of this helps you to reduce the amount of administrative duties in your lap.

The software also comes equipped with a robust billing feature. This feature helps you make bills much more easily since it helps you record everything with no issues whatsoever. This software allows you to reduce the amount of errors you might have otherwise experienced while billing because now the software automates the billing processes that helps you obtain much better data.


The last software in our list is PrognoCIS EMR, which is an incredibly popular software option. This software has a lot going on for it. The telemedicine feature in PrognoCIS EMR helps you to see patients virtually through video conferencing options. This means you are essentially able to see more patients you might have otherwise not been able to due to geographical locations or them being unable to physically come in and see you.

The templates feature in PrognoCIS EMR also helps you reduce the amount of time it takes you to make patient notes. This is because with PrognoCIS EMR, you can choose the template so that you are comfortable with what it has to offer. You can even further customize the template so that it suits the needs of your practice in particular!

Which Cardiology EHR you Should Invest in

If you are now wondering which EHR software you should be investing in for your cardiology practice then perhaps we can help you come to your own conclusion rather than giving you the name of one software from this list.

The first thing you should do is write down all the features you would ideally want from an EHR software. Then compare these features to the ones available in the software we have mentioned in our list. You should only seriously consider the software which meets all or most of your requirements from it. We also suggest reading as many software reviews by users for this software. For example reading PrognoCIS EMR reviews will help you figure out whether the software is worth it and delivers on its promises.

We also suggest asking the vendor for a demo or trial of the software. Asking for a PrognoCIS EMR demo for example will help you come to a conclusion about the software better since you will have seen it in action.

We hope whatever software you choose for your cardiology practice whether it is NueMD EMR or PrognoCIS EMR, it will be the right choice for you!