CloudPital #1 Hospital System consists of computer or web-based software facilitating management/ functions within a hospital or any medical set up. Basically, it is like an alternative to paper-records given how difficult it can get to manage and stack them.

These kinds of software integrate important information regarding various strata of people involved. For instance, patients, doctors and other hospital administration staff members’ details

CloudPital #1 Hospital System

What are the key points of the Hospital System  during corona?
What are the key points of the Hospital System during corona?

Today, the modern Hospital System is a very significant part of the hospital management providing it a sustainable health care system. Health care is the management of change & health care resources so that best hospital services or better patient care can be done. Out of several software solutions available in the market, getting a perfect solution for making a hospital functioning smooth can be a cumbersome task.

Changes in the health care practice can only be welcomed, if they enhance the quality of tHe Hospital Software in Saudi Arabia services & keep the organization functioning according to plan with better patient management.

Key Points of Hospital Software in Saudi Arabia:

Integrated System

It is a common platform where all other departments of the ERP System are connected and information is shared on a real time basis. Information can easily be shared within one department as well as with another department.

Customization Facility

It provides the feature of customization so that the Hospital HIMS System can manage their work irrespective of the number of patients they are handling as well as it can serve the interest of small, medium and large-sized hospitals.

Patient Centric

This solution is truly patient centric while saving and storing all the patient related information at one place and under one system. It’s main aim is to provide better patient care.

Clinical Administration

The information regarding the Hospital Software in Saudi Arabia of the clinics,various clinical works and information about clinic staff.

Improved Patient Care

It enables hospitals to collect all the information related to the patient and about his/her disease and other relevant details. It guides doctors to diagnose the patient appropriately.

Centralized Information System

Under this system, all the information is managed and handled with uniform means making the system more centralized & effective.

Financial Management

Running a Hospital System is also a business so managing the finance and money related details within a hospital while accumulating the billing details and payments of treatments of patients.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy management system is another integrated part of the Hospital System which is used to manage drugs mfg and exp dates along with batch no etc.

Better Administration

The solution offers a very powerful module name Admin module with the Hospital management software which manages all the Inpatients, Outpatients, queue management, etc. activities.

Appointment management

This module organizes patient details, doctors profile, and appointments. It offers hassle free process of doctors appointment. 

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