CloudPital #1 Dentist System helps the dentist to mitigate the no show scenarios by sending constant reminders to patients about the upcoming appointment. It can also timely reschedule the appointment as per the patient’s convenience. With the convenience of online communication and transaction, the patients are more likely to trust the oral health care providers, and it builds a loyal base of customers.  

CloudPital #1 Dentist System

What are the Qualities of the Dentist System ?
What are the Qualities of the Dentist System ?


Like in other businesses, even in health care, engagement has become an important criterion for continuous revenue generation for health care providers. With automated messages, emails, phone calls, alerts, etc., dentists can remain in touch with their patients even when the dental treatment is over. The dentist can send them health tips for year-long patient engagement with the help of a dental practice software. 

When dentists have easy access to data and retrieval of health records is quick, it leads to a reduction of the time involved in treatment. A dental EMR System takes care of their treatment plan and schedule. This enables dentists to timely deliver the treatment. 

The dental practice software has a significant advantage over paper-based methods. It leads to a reduction in costs due to errors or loss of paper documents. It saves paper costs. The time in searching and segregating papers is saved. As the dentist is able to plan the treatment easily with the help of dental practice software, it saves time for the dentist. Saving time means increased ability to accommodate more patients and thereby generating more revenue. 

Qualities of Dental Practice Software in Saudi Arabia


This feature of the dental practice software integrates with an in-built digital calendar to record all visits, appointments, treatment plan’s timings, and any other events to attend. This helps the dentist to see on one dashboard the free slots and the occupied slots so that they can manage their present and future commitments. 

Dental Charting

Dental Charting is a process of listing and organizing information about your teeth in a graphical representation. Your dentist notes down the areas of decay, missing teeth, bleeding teeth, implanted teeth, cavities, etc. and makes a chart. This process can be done easily with the help of a dental charting tool of dental practice software.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The electronic health record is a collection of patient’s data that includes the demographic status, contact information, treatment information, medical records and documents, lab reports, etc. This feature of dental practice software helps dentists to store, organize, and access EHR in the software database.


This feature of dental practice software allows the dentist to define their billing methods. It covers payment methods such as card, cheque, cash, payment wallets, online payment. This also helps dentists to keep accurate records of their dental based finances for tax calculations. 

Reception management 

This feature of dental practice software helps in managing the reception area. It is a very important and crucial feature as the dentist is never present in the reception area. Other staff members handle the first interaction with the patients. This feature allows the reception staff to manage patients on the waiting list. 

Patient communication 

This feature of dental E-Clinic System sends email reminders, alerts, and SMS regarding upcoming appointments to the patients. It can send reminders for due payments also.

Reports and analytics 

This feature provides dental practitioners with reports and analytics to better judge their business growth. It provides various options to generate reports in the graph and chart format.

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