CloudPital #1 HIMS software is one such hospital management system that can easily manage all records associated with a patient at one place. The saved information may include address, gender, age, drug sensitivity to various records such as lungs chart, heart chart, billing & diagnostic reports & others. 

CloudPital #1 HIMS software

What are the reasons to have HIMS software ?
What are the reasons to have HIMS software ?


Technological advancement in the healthcare industry has brought revolutionary changes due to which keeping patient’s records and maintaining appointment schedules are not a big deal now.Almost every clinic and hospital uses a software known as Hospital Management Software in Saudi Arabia that can easily manage functioning of the hospital or any medical setup.

To handle informations and records of different departments the hospital management software has various modules such as Registration & Enquiry, Appointment & Schedule, casualty & Emergency, Inpatient Admission Discharge Unit, Pharmacy Management System, Pathology lab Software in Saudi Arabia, Operation Theatre Scheduling & Management & so on.The advanced EMR Software in Saudi Arabia has transformed the way the health industry earlier worked.

Following are the 8 reasons to have HIMS software : 

1.Paperless record system: 

The software enables hospitals to generate electronic health records through a web based software system,Consequently, Making the record management paperless and more reliable.As paper documents are difficult to store and also prone to wear and tear.

2.Easier & quicker access to patient’s records and other data: 

Hospitals and Clinics can keep systematic records of a patient’s history with medical prescription, previous medical treatment received etc. When needed, the doctors & other hospital staff can know the history of patients’ treatments.

3.Co-ordination between various departments: 

With the integrated software system of maintaining records such software allows the doctors of various departments to coordinate with each other to assess the patient’s condition. Cloud based systems like Electra HIS make it easier to collaborate.

4.Improved Efficiency: 

The Hospital System improves the general efficiency of organization by automating the entire system. The software helps in printing out prescriptions, patient’s records and billings. It maintains accounts and inventory, schedules appointments & sends reminders.

5.Patient satisfaction: 

The patients can schedule and confirms appointments through their mobile phone or computers.With the software system, billing and medical services is improved offering better service satisfying to the customers


Electronic Health Records Are Error Free. It eliminates any chance of wrong treatment as all the patient’s records and information are properly stored.With real time records minimal mistakes will occur.

7.Speedy Service: 

The main focus of the hospitals is to provide better health care service to patients so with computerized record management and accurate data of patients disease will be cured quickly and patients recover from the alignments rapidly in less time.

8.Increasing Profit for the Hospitals:

Health care industry is very wide and complex one so every hospital should realize the profit in order to run consistently and raise the profit of the hospitals.

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