CloudPital #1 Plastic Surgery System is growing as skin diseases have been stigmatized for a long time around the world. Due to this, dermatologists have a very important position in the well-being of people everywhere. With such an important specialty in the lives of many, dermatologists need an Dermatology EMR Software in Saudi Arabia that understands the intricacies of the challenges they face as well as learns from the physician using it. 

CloudPital #1 Plastic Surgery System

What is the best Intelligent Practice of Plastic Surgery System ?
What is the best Intelligent Practice of Plastic Surgery System ?


CloudPital offers such an EMR that understands the uniqueness that each doctor holds and learns with use the way that each physician works and runs their practice.

Since the largest external organ is the skin and it is the most exposed organ, it is critical that it is well taken care of. With the finest EMR in the field of Dermatology, CloudPital can improve practice and increase efficiency with ease.

Treatment Plans

As the skin is one of the most complex organs in the human body, it necessitates a unique and complex treatment plan. With EMR Software in Saudi Arabia you can create and track plans alongside patients with ease of access and customizable treatments.

Patient-Specific Alerts

Graph and track individual patient demographics, such as background and family history of dermatological diseases and assess patient risk.

Patient-Physician Relationship

A trusting relationship between practitioner and patient is key for keeping patients satisfied with service and returning to the same practice repeatedly. With its great ease of use and advanced AI, CloudPital promotes the development of a strong relationship between physician and patient.

Practice on Your Terms

AI learns from the user each time it is used, therefore the more that is used, the more it knows about each specific dermatologist. This saves both time and energy without the rigid structure of template-based EMRs.

Integrated Lab Results

The Software in Saudi Arabia allows for the integration of E-Clinic Software in Saudi Arabia with past and current lab results for each patient, such as biopsies, X-rays, MRIs, blood samples, and many more.

Import Patient Information

The ability of Praxis to easily import past information recorded about a patient allows for a smooth transition to a new and advanced EHR.

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