CloudPital #1 E-Clinic Software in Saudi Arabia has become a basic need in the modern world because it saves a lot of time and energy. Primary objective of using this technology is to increase the efficiency of work and reduce the operational cost of business.

CloudPital #1 E-Clinic Software in Saudi Arabia

                                            Why E-Clinic Software in Saudi Arabia is becoming a need?



Many new software are being designed to improve the services of hospital for example Hospital HIMS Software in Saudi Arabia but E-Clinic Software in Saudi Arabia is especially designed for clinics so that patients get quality care.

E-clinic software

 With E-clinic software it is easy to manage all the functions of the clinics with no hurdles. It helps to manage the staff, doctors, and patients efficiently.  Patients can get their appointments online, by phone and by walk that saves too much time of the patients. And doctors also view their appointments by their profile.

Patient Management

E-clinic software is becoming too much easy as it helps to save the complete details of the patients.  Doctors can also view the patient’s medical history which helps in saving a lot of time of the doctors and they can give the treatment without any delay.  Patients can also check their medical test reports online. 

Doctor Management 

Doctors also manage their work efficiently with E-clinic software .  Doctors can view their schedules and number of patients they have to deal with in a day.  They can also view the patient’s medical record with EMR Software in Saudi Arabia which helps in better decision making.  Doctors can communicate with other doctors in emergency situations for providing a 

better and accurate treatment to the patient.

Administration Management 

Management become easy for the administrative staff as all information is gathered and collected in an effective way. All record is saved and managed in an effective way.


E-clinic software also provide the option of feedback.  Patients uses this options and can give feedback about the treatment and environment of the hospital.  Patient also give feedback about the doctors that will help in building a good relationship between the doctor and patient.  And it definitely increases the patient’s satisfaction.


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