EMR – Electronic Medical Record Software in Saudi Arabia

In this digital age, everything is turning into innovation and experts work hard to obtain better solutions to solve the problems faced by human strength. Each new technique is the result of some failures and inefficiencies in human processing. In hospitals, we take care of the life of human beings, the most precious thing in this world. In 2018, the management of the hospital depends entirely on the efficiency of the use of management software by hospitals. The inaccuracy of the reports and the long and voluminous record of the patient are the reasons that make reference to the need for hospital EMR software in Saudi Arabia.

Best CloudPital E-Clinic management software in Saudi Arabia provides the best clinical practice management. The list of advantages and efficiency that helps doctors and hospital management staff to do things with less time and more efficiency. Let me mention here some benefits and features of EMR Software in Saudi Arabia.


Benefits of EMR Software:

  • Get fully integrated and flexible hospital management software that delivers immense flexibility and Improves efficiency
  • Increase in the capital growth
  • Meets monitoring necessities.
  • Provide better-quality treatment and high-level diagnosis to the patient.
  • Accurate and online health records with easy accessibility
  • Solid and fast decision making and scheduling of medical professionals.
  • Easy transfer of patient data from one sector to another
  • Operational costs is lowered and so the labor expenses
  • Innovative and real time reporting and e-clinical documentation proficiencies.
  • More accurate and efficient processing of bills.
  • Reduction in medical errors is the proof of its effectiveness; it is valuable for both patient and the medical staff.
  • Reduction is paperwork errors
  • It eradicate the chance of misplacement of patient files
  • Privacy and personal security is on the high priority.

EMR Features

The Cloudpital HIS in Saudi Arabia is a web-based software application created for various types and sizes of medical clinics to create and manage electronic patient medical records (EMRs). Our EMR software in Saudi Arabia provides a series of features designed to improve your experience in everyday clinical tasks. These features include:

  • Streamlined scheduling process
  • Enhanced Patient Record Management
  • Efficient billing management
  • Based on latest technology architecture
  • Extendable to numerous third party software and devices
  • Mobile device support
  • Secure and scalable systems design
  • Cross standards platform compatibility
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Easy navigation
  • User friendly interface
  • e-prescription, e-referral and e-billing ready
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Effective practice management
  • SMS messaging
  • Email alerts
  • Physician-to-physician video conferencing

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