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Cloudpital = Cloud EMR + ERP Combined

Move away from the complexities of using multiple software and manage everything you need through one modern cloud EHR software

Transforming Care

The Cloudpital unified healthcare information system is for organizations that want to make a difference in care by transforming care delivery and the patient experience. It is for organizations that are serious about digital transformation

  • A Single source of truth throughout the organization
  • Easier Access to the Information that Matters
  • Making better decisions by utilizing Cloudpital Analytics
  • Managing Care Cost & Quality
  • World-class Technology & Support

Single Clinic to Group Specialties

Effortlessly manage your business through one intuitive software.

Any specialty, any size, anywhere.

Our software fits the unique needs of your specialty, whether single or multi-specialty. Ready with pre-filled forms & templates for your specialty.

One solution to handle it all.

Cloudpital manages your practice, all in one place with a seamless workflow from check-in to billing to claim submission and scheduling to follow-up.

Complete EHR with back-end ERP

Say good-bye to multiple software subscriptions. Your staff, doctors, back office team, inventory team, are all happy with Cloudpital.


Innovative EHR For A Workflow That Just Works

Have your practice at your fingertips on the web, iPhone, and iPad. Seamlessly integrate scheduling, clinical workflows, patient engagement, and medical billing into one web based platform. Free your time to deliver truly innovative care.

Innovative EHR For A Workflow That Just Works

Schedule and manage appointments and resources across different providers, locations, and days on a single clutter-free screen. Advanced features like recurring appointments, direct eligibility check, and administrative alerts optimize efficiency and service quality.

Intelligent billing

Intelligent billing provides innovative functionalities for automatic charge capture, clean claim checks, electronic claim submission, electronic payment posting, denial management, and financial reporting to help reduce errors and maximize revenue.

EHR Insurance

From updating patient records to educating patients about expected changes in their insurance plans—your staff will have their hands full. Our eligibility verification tool will cut their workload, and your telephone bill, in half.

No more phone calls to insurance companies to verify patient eligibility, as our solution does that for you within seconds, even before the patient visit.

EHR  Documents

Capture, scan, and attach paper charts, clinical images, photographs, x-rays, audio files, and medical drawings directly into the electronic chart or through an integrated PACS system for complete, accurate, and up-to-date information availability.


User-friendly and customizable EHR with integrated PM for optimized quality, performance and patient experience.

Customized EHR For Your Specialty

Our selection of medical forms and charting shortcuts have been tailored for over 20 specialties, boosting staff efficiency and reducing manual errors. The modern design provides an intuitive experience, whether you’re on iPhone, iPad or desktop.


Physical Therapy




Mental Health


Plastic Surgery

The most competitive pricing

So you can concentrate on your growth. All pricing plans are in $ excluding Taxes and cover the accounting essentials, with room to grow.

Billed Annually      Safe and secure      Unlimited users    24/7 online support

  • Cloudpital is a true SaaS and Cloud EHR solution for specialty clinics. A Clinic’s average onboarding time for Cloudpital is one day. Clinics can sign up online, and there are instructional videos and 24/7 support available to help them transition to a modern EHR
  • The following is a major issue that specialist clinics are dealing with: Clinic administration must purchase several software subscriptions in order to administer the clinic (EMR, Inventory solution, back-end Finance solution). But, good news is; You don’t need anything else using Cloudpital. You’ll get an end-to-end specialty ERP designed specifically for specialty clinics
  • Due to incorrect data entry and human inputs, up to 20% of claims for specialist clinics are refused. Cloudpital has revenue protection processes in place to preserve clinic revenues.
  • Cloudpital is the first EHR on the market to provide a strong emphasis on patient wellness and experience. Patients’ health goals can be set by doctors, and Cloudpital will track them via smart watches.

Cloudpital is based in Saudi Arabia & MENA. Our target audience is specialty clinics & poly clinics in Saudi Arabia & MENA. Our product development center is based in Saudi Arabia.

To begin your trial, simply click on Free Sign Up and you will be able to create a free account to evaluate the features offered by Erpisto ERP software for 15 days without restriction.

For immediate assistance and outstanding support, contact us via phone or email and a member of our support team will contact you shortly.

No you don’t need any installation. You only need internet connection and browser.Cloudpital is a real SaaS and Cloud solution. A Clinic’s average on-boarding time for Cloudpital is one day. Clinics can sign up online, and there are instructional videos and 24/7 support available to help them transition to a modern EHR

Absolutely secure. Cloudpital is compliant to all security regulations including ISO 27001 & ISO 9001. Cloudpital stores data through strong encryption and Our servers are physically and electronically secure. All communication between you and Cloudpital is encrypted using 256-bit SSL.

Put your wallet away, you won’t need to enter in any credit card ever, unless you want to choose Strength plan. Just create your account and get started for free with Cloudpital Software