Laboratory Information Management Software in Saudi Arabia

Cloudpital offering best Lab Management Software in Saudi Arabia is a complete solution with advanced high-featured advanced technology that used to manage all modern’s laboratory procedures. Advanced features of Laboratory management software manage patient’s order entry, patient’s result in entry, patient check in, sampling processing, patient diagnosis etc. software providing customized features that generally enables the technicians to enter all required results into a database that is manageable to authorized operators when a patient is tested at the hospital and clinics etc.

Software providing users friendly interface which providing help for treating and diagnosing patients, the patient lab test result and other medical information is being linked to individuals Electronic Medical Record Software in Saudi Arabia which provides further information to clinicians and healthcare providers.

Cloudpital’s E-Clinic Software in Saudi Arabia integrates with Laboratory Management Software in Saudi Arabia is vital in modern healthcare environments where labs must operate with large amounts of data. This software accomplishes data and information in marketable and scientific laboratories. It provides exclusive infrastructure that providing facility to enhanced productivity.


Characteristics of Cloudpital’s Lab Management software:

  • Laboratory inventory and storage management
  • Lab Project Management
  • Electronic document management
  • Automation and laboratory integration
  • Automated data capture and reduction
  • Chemistry and Chemistry
  • Molecular Biology, Cell Culture and Bioinformatics
  • High performance detection (Hts)
  • Management of the study of animals
  • Management of animal facilities
  • Custom reports
  • Sop laboratory application
  • Workflow management
  • Queues for prioritization and management of the work list
  • Instrument management
  • Security
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Lot, lot and case management
  • Specification management
  • Data analysis
  • Study management


Benefits of Cloudpital’s Lab Management software:

  • Inclusive inventory management.
  • Automatic production of sample numbers for successive samples.
  • Printing of labels with barcodes for the recognition of samples.
  • Reports of tests and inventions of receipts for printing.
  • Real-time communication for the consequence of the test to the doctors.
  • Search information based on the date of the visit and the name of the referring physician.
  • Penetrating on the basis of exclusive identification of the patient, identification of the registry, name and others between the two dates.
  • Customized way to handle understanding and civilization.
  • The standards of the results of the irregular and normal tests are differentiated at the beginning of the screen and the impressions.
  • The recommendation of the doctor and the amount composed by the corresponding patients.
  • Records of the calculation of the medical stimulus wise and can be easily analyzed between two dates.

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