Biomedical Waste Management Software

CloudPital bio-medical waste management software module lets you keep complete track of collection and disposal of products related to bio medical waste in healthcare organizations. It helps you in definition, identification and categorization of waste products inside healthcare organization in different categories which include radioactive waste materials. This is the module which helps in the identification of areas inside an organization in which waste gets generated and needs to be disposed off finally. You can easily manage time frames in which organization needs to dispose off the waste and can have a checklist as well. Keep the complete schedule and tracking of staff persons who are responsible for BMW disposal.




  • Waste types categorization.
  • Waste generation tracking.
  • Scheduling and identification of waste collection.
  • Tracking and recording of waste transportation.
  • Waste disposal acknowledgement .
  • Time disposal of waste scheduling.
  • Radioactive management of waste disposal.
  • Color codes differentiation of various waste types.

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